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Power OF Banner Impressions

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Banners overview

Do you know what is the banner?

The banner in simple definition an image with standard sizes divided into two categories Static banner
and Dynamic banner.

When you click on this image you will redirect to URL that is put inside this image.

We usually used the banners to promote anything  we want such as a website or referral link on your page on face book…etc, so we can put any link we want to redirected to it when someone click on this banner, be careful to cheat other people the link must be the same of banner content.

Now the question is where you can promote your banner?

You can promote your banner in PTC sites, traffic exchange sites , at your website  on your friend website or on any website that have a space for adding a new banner.

You can use your own banner as banner impressions in traffic exchange websites, you will convert the credit you earn from it to banner impression .

The beautiful thing that you will see how many people saw your banner and how many clicks on it and you will care about who click on it,and this is our goal.

How can increase the clicks on our banners when we promote it  in traffic exchange websites?

This question is the most important question in this subject because click on your banner mean’s person who click on it interest about the banner content so if you promote for  item you want to sell it this person who click maybe he will buy it, and if you promote your referral link this person maybe he will be one of your referrals so to achieve this you must create your own banner, creative and if it dynamic that will be better because you can display more information with the same space when you create your own banner you will see the difference and more  people will click on it.

If you have good skills in Photoshop or illustrator I thought you can make your cute banner.

If you didn't know how to design you can use one of the banners design online websites for example you can use ( or any such websites that provided you a great tools to make your own banner.


-Don’t underestimate of the power of banner impressions when you promote your  links

 - Making your banner give you very good results and more people will click on it.

-You must be patient and caution, don’t cheat the others.

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