Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mini Jobs

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Mini jobs earn money tricks

Mini jobs  is one of the important ways to earn money online you can make the mini jobs usually without need any experience in specific section like design or programming.

The job that depend on experience we will take about it in freelancer way.

The mini jobs usually divided into these types:

You can earn money for just signup for websites.

2-Visit websites:
You can earn money from internet you will find this type in the likes exchange websites such as likes planet and likes asap.

3- Answer the questions and make surveys:
Some of mini jobs just to make surveys on specific subject or to answer some questions and you may finish them then you will be earned from this way of mini jobs.

D- Other Jobs:
This kind of jobs requiring download program on your mobile or rate it so you will earned like that

Where we can find the Mini jobs?

This kind of earning online you can find it easly with trusted websites such as likes exchanges , traffic exchange.

Also you can find them in PTC sites and to know most trusted site in PTC (neobux) click here.
There are too many websites just for do mini jobs with very high rank in alexa like crowd flower, that the PTC sites partner with this site to their mini jobs.

What is the prizes when you do the mini jobs?

This question is very important and the answer it depends on the type of website in like exchange sites you will get points that  you can convert them to money or get likes on facebook or follow on twitter and other social media.
In traffic exchange websites you will get points that you can convert them to money or get likes with them.

In Traffic exchange websites you will get traffic credit

In PTC sites you will get points ,coins, and cash.


-Mini Jobs is very helpful way to improve your skills to earn online.

-When you do the minijobs try to do your best to get great results and be patient because it is long term way to earn from Internet but it is very good and not bad income.

-Don’t  cheat the owner of the job because in simple way he will denay your work especially in likes exchange sites. 

About Bahaaldeen Mohammad

Computer Engineer , 24 years old, expert on earn online money.


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