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PTC sites

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What is the PTC?

Which is mean you will paid for clicking advertisements and show them, it is a good way to start earning from internet and make some additional income

How PTC companies works?

Let me discuss these  company in simple example:

-I made a product,I want to promote it but I didn’t know how. (advertiser)

-I will go to famous market company and asked for promote my product , but it will be high cost and not easy to promote.

-Now my friend have it’s own site with high visitors, I asked from him to promote my product To 1000 person and I will pay to him 10$ for that . (PTC site)

  He  get 1000 person and give every person show this advertise 1 cent for just 5 seconds (YOU)

In this example  I give to my advertisement 1000 view , the person advertise my produce paid 1 $ to people and get 9$ for himself.

As this criteria PTC sites working

How you earn from PTC sites?

Just for viewing the advertisements and you will paid immediately.

Trusted companies VS scam companies in PTC world

This is the most important thing you must to know because if you registered at a scam PTC company you will lose all your time and money you created at any time because most of deceitful didn’t make the website for a long term he just want some money then he flee away.
Let us separate trust and scam PTC sites depend on some points:


The most of trusted PTC sites created for many years ago, they paid for their customers and continue working till now, in this case it is time to start on these kind of sites
Of course regarding scam it is the opposite


Check if the PTC site have a forum and support regarding any inquiries you need you will find answers on the forum of this company so you are on the right way if there is a forum.


The reaction of people that they already using this PTC site you can show their reaction on search engines (Google search ) for example or from the forum also you will see the payment proof.


The last point you can check the rank of this PTC site(company) from the alexa ( of course good site have lower rank.

--for more information about alexa rank you can Click here.

Direct referrals and rented referrals :

The best way to earn from PTC sites that to get referrals that they will give you some extra money when the show the advertisement and the referral types divided into two categories direct and rented referrals.

-The rented referrals that you can rent some person to work and you will paid from their work, showing advertisement.
-The direct referral you can get these kind of referral by invite people to join the PTC site by using your referral link

Referral link mean who join through it you will paid for his activity when he showing the advertisement.

The most important thing while you are using PTC to be patient and don’t be hasty to make money


After reading this article we took overview for the concept of PTC also how to choose the best for us and how to avoid scam sites .

 This type of online earning money need some time to grow but after hard work it will be the best way to earn from home you can check this image that shows you exactly PTC working 

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