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Earn from blog

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What is the blogger?

It is a platform which is powered by Google.

This platform provide you with the possibility to make a free website in sub domain of (blogspot.com),so all the websites that have created inside blogger will be as “sitename.blogspot.com”

The template of this kind of websites build on HTML, it is the same normal paid full website but it is free and sub domain.

Before you start:

Before you start and make your own blog you must do the following:

1-Think about the subject of your blog also you may select the subject upon your what do you know exactly.

2-Set your goals and be sure that you will be success incase you give your new website a lot of time and effort.

3-You will need to wrote a unique subjects to be better than others especially in the search engine and alexa rank.

You can get a free template for your blog from too many places so you will decide which one you need.

Now the question is how to choose your blog template?

It is ofcource  depends on the content of your website , so if it is for pictures you need a template that show you the post as a thumbnail like this picture :

If  your website for news for example you need template with three columns to present and so on.
Methods to earn from blogging

1-Google Adsense:

By using adsense you can earn money by putting the advertisement automatically at your blog, but to reach to this method your blog must be very creative with a lot of information ,unique subject needed without making copy-paste from other websites,you must be different to have claims with your blog, also the policies of google very hard, so it is not easy to earn from this way , but it is possible after more effort and more tender.

2- Manual earning from your blog 

This way of earning is more easy rather from the adsense way , but it also need some of effort to make your blog full of useful information, that will make the users very interested in your blog and enter to it everyday ,also this way depend on alexa rank , it is the power of this way to earn, you can also check the alexa rank subject from here.

Now you create blog and it’s rank is very good,let us say that it’s rank under 1 million,now you can add ads area for your visitors to advertise their product,links….etc on your blog,whatever they will interest in this way more than advertise by using newspapers and brochures,you can just ask for money for the ads with duration it will be worthy I think.

3-Indirect way to earn from blog.

a-Mine of direct referrals

You can have too many direct referrals for your PTC sites or for your traffic exchange website you can add banners on your blog with your referral link.


To promote your items in affiliate programs like clickbank or also to promote your business and items.


-The blogger is best way to make your free website with more and more free templates and plugins.

-You must do something different to be perfect author.

-Don’t try to cheat people because they will hate you in the future.

-You will take a while to start earn from your blog, so it is need patience person and I promise you will success.

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